Audio Fingerprinting Technology

Automatic Identification of Audio

For the field of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) mufin specializes in audio fingerprinting technology. It enables the automatic identification of unknown audio material (the content) by comparing a temporary fingerprint to a reference fingerprint database.

How an Audio Fingerprint Is Generated

The heart of mufin is the sophisticated analysis of the frequency spectrum of each piece of audio. mufin extracts all key properties such as tone, color, rhythm, tempo and creates a unique fingerprint directly from the audio signal. An audio fingerprint is a compact and unique representation of a particular piece of audio. Compared to watermarking, audio fingerprinting does not require any modification of the content that is broadcast.

audio fingerprinting process

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mufin carries out continuous research and development on their technology to provide their customers with competitive and up-to-date B2B products. mufin owns the complete technology and all corresponding rights and patents on analysis, characterization, identification and fingerprinting of audio signals as well as respective databases and software.