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Faster results, better prices –
mufin’s audio recognition for TV and radio content gets a major upgrade

The technology provider mufin sets new standards in audio recognition with the latest major upgrade of its technology. Now, the database search in mufin’s audioid toolbox is much faster. The improved performance allows all audioid products to be operated on smaller budgets.

To recognize content in TV and radio, a reference database must be created. audioid extracts an acoustic fingerprint of the audio from TV or radio and sends it to the reference database for comparison. Once the identical fingerprint has been found in the database, the TV or radio content is identified.

Lars Fabig, Director Business Development: “This database synchronization is a continuous process and requires a large amount of server instances for high-content projects. We have succeeded in optimizing this search process enormously. Faster database searching means fewer CPU resources and lower operational costs. So the improved core algorithm makes significant cost savings possible, regardless of whether our customers own the products themselves or simply host the products.”

In order to give each customer project an optimal balance between speed, error tolerance, and operating costs, the new upgrade comes in two configurations. One configuration is geared towards broadcast monitoring projects, while the other configuration is optimized for mobile use cases where a higher level of robustness against acoustic interference is important.

In addition to the improved algorithm, the major upgrade offers the following product enhancements:

  1. An even more flexible modular audioid toolbox
  2. An all-in-one Mobile SDK that supports all audioid products
  3. Improved reliability through redundancy of important system components
  4. Automatic monitoring of input signals and alarm notifications in case of error
  5. Improved system monitoring dashboard
  6. More secure and simple licensing

Existing customers can upgrade their products free of charge. New customers now benefit from the new generation of audio recognition.

About mufin

mufin has been developing solutions and services for automatic content recognition and music recommendation since 2011.
Based on audio fingerprinting, mufin’s modular toolbox detects audio content on TV and radio. The software is licensed as a white label solution for B2B customers and enables the following use cases:

  • Broadcast monitoring of advertising, music, and other media content
  • Audience measurement
  • Real-time advertising recognition
  • Real-time channel detection in TV and radio
  • Real-time synchronization between second screen app and TV/radio

Target groups are, among others, market research companies, media monitoring agencies and TV and radio broadcasters. mufin GmbH is a subsidiary of Bellevue Investments GmbH & Co. KGaA and has its headquarters in Berlin.

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