mufin Technology for Automatic Ad Recognition Enables Innovative Advertising

These days more and more people are using their tablets and smartphones while they watch television. mufin’s ad recognition technology makes it possible to link ads to second screen applications in order to open up a whole new world of advertising potential.

Berlin, February 15, 2013 – Interactive advertising and automatic ad recognition are still in their early stages in Germany, but the current W3B report “Second Screen – Media Usage Between TV and Internet” reveals that this will soon change. According to the report, only half of all television viewers dedicate their full attention to what is happening on the TV screen, and nearly two percent of viewers search for information about the ads online. This shows that there is an obvious demand for additional information to compliment the advertising spots that appear on television. The goal is to take advantage of this interest and enhance the viewer experience. To do this it is necessary to provide interactive advertising formats that create a link between the television commercials and the second screen.
This is where mufin’s audio recognition technology comes into play.

The technology is integrated into a mobile app that detects advertising spots by their audio. When an ad is recognized, the user is shown additional information about the product, a coupon or something else that enhances the experience – the only limit here is the imagination of the advertising industry. Automatic ad recognition creates the perfect opportunity to catch the viewer’s full attention and convey the advertising message in an innovative way. mufin’s technology also provides advertisers with detailed information about whether or not the advertisements were viewed, and if so, the time and broadcast during which the greatest interest was displayed. This provides a whole new level for measuring viewer interaction and the success of a campaign.

About mufin

mufin develops first-class mobile and server solutions for audio identification and music recommendation based on digital signal processing. The products are licensed as white label software solutions for the business-to-business sector. Since 2011 mufin has been offering specialized solutions for second screen applications and interactive advertising. The audio recognition technology enables mobile applications to synchronize with TV programs in realtime or to detect ads, which in turn enables mufin to offer second screen app providers with diverse solutions for the integration of user-friendly interactive applications. mufin GmbH is a subsidiary of Bellevue Investments GmbH & Co. KGaA and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

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