Who Trusts Us


mufin teams up with a variety of customer groups including second screen platform provider, broadcast monitoring stations, video and audio online service, content providers as well as research partners. Find below a selection of companies which mufin cooperates with.

Licensing Partners

Ipsos is a global market research and a consulting firm and ranks as the world’s third largest research agency. The company uses mufin’s audioid technology for ad monitoring in Kenya.

proTunes is a global B2B music marketplace. The company integrated mufin’s music recommendation technology, audiogen, into their production and commercial music licensing platform.

company logo of mufin's partner monterosa

Monterosa integrated mufin’s audioid live channel detection technology into their LViS cloud platform. LViS empowers TV shows, sports events and campaigns with specialised interactive content creation for second screen apps.

company logo of mufin's partner Kantar TNS

Kantar TNS is one of the largest market research and market information agencies worldwide. The company uses mufin’s audioid technology to monitor and report advertisement airings and competitor airplay within the Indian broadcast market.

company logo of mufin's partner Greta

Greta is an app that enables people with sight or hearing loss to experience fully accessible cinema. Greta uses mufin’s audioid in-app technology to recognize and synchronize with a movie without needing an internet connection.

Macquarie Media Syndication is an Australian service provider for commercial radio that has integrated mufin’s audioid technology to monitor and report played content – such as music and advertising campaigns – and competitor airplay in the Australian broadcast market.

company logo of mufin's partner Yleisradio

Yleradio (or simply “Yle”) is Finland’s national public broadcasting company. Yle operates four national television channels, 13 radio channels and services, and 25 regional radio stations.

ISID is specialized in the development of multimedia content management and analysis software. The company uses mufin’s audioid monitor technology to create automatic clippings for their broadcast recording and media asset management solution.

company logo of mufin's partner Magix

Magix Software GmbH is an internationally active video and music software producer. Magix has integrated mufin’s audiogen to analyze customer music collections, enabling music recommendations based on sound similarity, audio search and musical tags.

company logo of mufin's partner amr

AMR Group is a market research, media monitoring, and media production cluster based in Kabul, Afghanistan. AMR uses mufin’s audioid technology to monitor their clients’ ad placements.

company logo of mufin's partner binokular

Binokular offers a media monitoring solution for the Indonesian market. They have integrated mufin’s audioid technology into their TV monitoring service.

company logo of mufin's partner anghami

Anghami is an Arabic music streaming platform and digital distribution company. The platform has integrated mufin’s audiogen into their mobile app for recommend music tracks based on sound-similarity according to characteristics such as tone, color and rhythm.

tictapps is a mobile developement agency that integrated mufin’s audioid server technology into a broadcasters´ second screen app.

China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile phone operator. The Group used mufin’s music recommendation technology for ringtones and full-track music downloads on their mobile portal.

Reality Mine offers its clients data analytic tools for the digital consumer’s behavior after an audio segment has been played. mufin’s audioid in-app technology is integrated in their app’s analytic tool.

TVSMILES is a Berlin-based ad tech company that has integrated mufin’s audioid technology into their mobile app to recognize commercial spots on TV.

buzzmark™ is a mobile app that extends the TV advertising experience to consumers’ smartphones by linking a commercial to a coupon offer. mufin’s audioid in-app technology recognizes the TV adverts.

Starz is a leading global media and entertainment company that uses mufin’s audioid in-app recognition technology to match episode content on TV with the mobile device and synchronize the TV series companion app to the timecode of the video.

Research Partners

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
The Technische Universität Dresden is a German elite university and the largest university in Saxony.
The German National Library
THESEUS is an umbrella organization with research-partners from the public and industry sectors.