Software Solutions for

Music Recommendation, Discovery & Visualization

mufin's software solution for music recommendation,
music discovery and visualization enables you to




Offer your customers automatically generated playlists for a coherent and personalized music listening experience
Recommend songs based on music similarity and musical attributes such as mood and instrumentation to your customers even if there is no meta information about the song’s artist or genre available
Discover and recommend „unknown“ songs which sound similar to popular tracks
Suggest the most recent record releases to your customers that are missing buyer recommendations
Guarantee a unique music experience for continued listening – similar tracks will automatically be played from your catalogue


Increase sales by accessing the long tail of online music collections through music recommendations
Organize and visualize your production music collections by mood, e.g. happy, sad, aggressive, calm etc. or other musical attributes, e.g. percussive, acoustic, synthetic etc.
Enable the listener to find lost gems in a big music collection
Replace list-oriented browsing of big music libraries with a visually appealing, interactive and playful multidimensional display interface, e.g. 4D coordinate system
Take advantage of easy to use multi-touch-enabled devices such as mobile phones or tablets






mufin’s patented music recommendation technology enhances your music recommendation, discovery and visualization application. Please click on the box below to learn more about our products audiogen and audiovision.