Software Solutions for

Broadcast Monitoring of Advertising

mufin’s software solution for broadcast monitoring
of advertising enables you to



Verify scheduled transmissions of ads according to contracts with broadcasters (ad tracking)
Offer automated broadcast monitoring of advertising and playout verification as a service for advertising agencies and brands
Eliminate the pain of manually searching through day's worth material for advertisements
Monitor real time event triggering

Analyze advertisement competitors to optimize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns
Detect precisely when and where your content is being used around the world
Maximize gains and overall efficiency by building quick & precise reports in real time or offline depending on your requirements
Quickly measure the reach and performance of your advertising
Keep control over your rights and intellectual property

In case you are interested in broadcast monitoring of TV shows, movies, music, sport events or interviews, please contact us.




mufin’s patented audio identification technology enhances your broadcast monitoring applications, e.g. ad tracking. Please click on the box below to learn more about our product audioid monitor.

How audioid works? Watch!