Visual Music Navigation


audiovision represents a music library visually – i.e., every song in a collection is represented by a point in a coordinate system. Two, three or four axes can be allocated a set of given musical attributes, allowing the music collection to be explored interactively.
audiovision simplifies the handling of large music collections, irrespective of the size of the screen and creates an easy and sound-based alternative to the list view.
It enables content or shop owners to set themselves apart from their competitors by giving their consumers the opportunity to experience a music collection in a new way.


Mapping of any audio content in a 2D, 3D or 4D coordinate system based on musical properties
Multidimensional approach to a music collection without a list view
Musical attributes like mood can be assigned to each axis
Attributes are derived by analyzing each song automatically


Interactive: allows for visual and playful interaction with music libraries
Simplification: audiovision simplifies navigation and management of digital music libraries
Easy integration: stand-alone software solution which is easy to integrate into existing applications
Mobile: perfectly suitable for music player applications on mobile devices
Touch: simple gesture handling through music on touch-enabled devices