channel detection

with audioid

audioid channel detection ingests and fingerprints TV or radio broadcasts in real-time and enables a mobile application to identify the TV or radio channel and the current position in time.
Based on this information, additional content such as EPG data or specifically produced content can be linked to the TV or radio channel and time and shown on the second screen.
It enables broadcasters, advertising agencies, content producers, operators and application developers to achieve greater consumer engagement by giving consumers the chance to interact with live TV or radio.


TV or radio channel identification based on audio signal capture by a mobile device
Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud compatible software
Web-based UI for operation, reporting and system administration
Application Programming Interface (API) based on REST
Server software compatible with Linux platforms
SDKs for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8


Precise and fast: accurate synchronization between live TV or radio and interactive content within 2 seconds
Cost-savings: automatic cloud instance up-/down scaling
Multicast enabled: works seamlessly together with DVB gateways
Self-hosting capability: well-suited for private networks
Easy integration: integrates with physical hardware, cloud services or a combination of both providing maximum flexibility for scalability

audioid live channel detection

How Channel Detection works

audioid live channel detection